Our New Ministry Home Base

This is an bird’s eye view of our new base site. The lease agreement was signed last December, and official move in date is February first. This property is truly an answer to prayer. It even has things we did not even hope for…. the pictures below will give the details. The property actually has 2 houses. The small one has 2 rooms and a bathroom, The big house has 6 large rooms and 7 bathrooms giving us room for up to 36 people., By March 8th we will have 33 spaces filled !!


The new base is located right on the river, giving us better access to ministry sites.


The BIG house has been used for weekend church retreats for several years. It sits on 3 acres of property (maybe more) giving all the staff and students a change to get away for quiet times and personal devotions.


Inside is a large central room for church services and seminars, the room measures 58 x 32 feet with an existing stage.


This is the back of the house, and yes that is a working pool.


Below is one of the really great features, this is the private dock actually big enough for our boat, in addition it was set up to facilitate a floating dock so we can utilize the boat regardless of the 12 foot tide we experience.


This is the new floating dock and adjustable stairway being built.


Below is a real rarity in Brazil. this is a boat house complete with a railway down to the riverside. This will allow us to keep our smaller boat ( yet to be purchased) stored safely.


This is the small second hosue that will be expanded to accommodate our female staff. By mid February our staff will double to 13 in total.


Even with all the new space, the future will require more accommodation. This is sample of a small multi-purpose facility. Future building will include classrooms and housing for families.